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Knowledge Services Briefing
General Update

Knowledge Services Briefing
Issue 0003 - 1st October 2019


Changes to Health Education England's Library and Knowledge Services and Technology Enhanced Learning Teams

Changes to Health Education England's (HEE) Knowledge for Healthcare (library and knowledge services) and Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) workstreams have been made and they may affect your points of contact with the organisation. 

Earlier this year, we formed a new directorate, Innovation and Transformation, which include both TEL and Knowledge for Healthcare. Coming together as a single national directorate for the first time has given us the opportunity to review the most effective way to deliver and resources the ambitious agenda for TEL and Knowledge for Healthcare. As a result, we have agreed to separate the two functions while continuing to maximise the synergies and opportunities for joint working. This change is to give each workstream stronger focus.

Team members in London, the South East, the South West, the Midlands and the East of England who held joint TEL and Knowledge for Healthcare roles no longer have a national TEL function. From 1 October 2019 responsibility for TEL in these areas will transition into the national TEL Programme creating a single TEL team across HEE. 

Any changes to the arrangements for the TEL function in the North will be agreed and communicated separately. 

All TEL queries should now be refereed to the national team:

We hope that you are already receiving our monthly newsletter, TEL News, but if you're not please contact us and we will add you to the distribution list.

For more information about the work of the TEL programme please follow us on Twitter: @HEE_TEL

This change means an increase in Knowledge for Healthcare capacity at a point of significant change to ensure that the local NHS workforce can deliver an evidence-based NHS. This builds on the creation of a single national team from 1 May 2019. 

Knowledge for Healthcare queries should continue to be referred to the following team members:

Please contact Sue Lacey Bryant ( if you have any wider queries in relation to HEE's work in supporting health library and knowledge services.


Quality and Improvement Outcomes Framework Webinars Are Now Live

The pre-recorded webinars for all six of the Quality and Improvement Outcomes are now available on the Knowledge for Healthcare blog. We would like to encourage all LKS staff to listen to the webinars, each webinar is only approx. 15 to 20 minutes long. The webinars provide contact details if you have any questions after listening to the content. There is also an opportunity to provide feedback.

We are also in the process of recording some topic focused webinars related to each outcome.These will become available throughout October. We will advertise these as they become available.

Development Needs Analysis 2019

Help us plan our future CPD programme for you – the 2019 Library and Knowledge Services Development Needs Analysis Survey is now live and can be accessed by clicking here. We need every member of the library and knowledge services team to complete it.The survey runs until 30th November 2019.Tell us what your development needs are and how you would prefer those needs to be met.

The 2017 Development Needs Analysis was a great success with a record number of respondents (758). Crucially it created a rich data-set that allowed Health Education England to support your development at local, regional and national levels We ran a whole range of courses including measuring value and impact, and synthesising and summarising evidence.

Just to emphasise – we need everyone to complete the 2019 survey so that we can plan programmes over the next two years. We look forward to seeing what you say.


Update on the Proposed Library and Knowledge Services Tariff

We have been advised that the Department of Health and Social Care Tariff Advisory Group will not consider any tariff changes this year because of Brexit issues within the department. It is unlikely that any changes would be introduced before April 2021. 


Reminder - What do NHS learners think about their education and training?

The National Education and Training Survey (NETS) ran for the first time in 2018 and received 24,000 responses from medical and other healthcare learners. HEE is now using a social media campaign to highlight the feedback, with a different focus each month and October will be facilities (including library services). Look out for tweets from HEE to learners on this and see:


Apprenticeships Update

Across the NHS in England there is demand for 45 level 3 Library and Knowledge Services Apprentices. HEE are currently leading a national Invitation to Tender to find a training provider. It is expected that CILIP will be the end point assessor and that this should be in place early in the new year.

Optimising BMJ Best Practice

You will by now have seen Sue Lacey-Bryant’s letter of 17 September announcing that national funding for BMJ Best Practice has been secured for another year. There is strong support from senior colleagues within HEE to establish this clinical decision support tool as part of the core offer to trainees and students, directly supporting their education, improving working lives and helping to ensure consistently safe patient care.

Please help us to demonstrate the importance of this clinician decision support tool by promoting it within your organisations. The Best Practice team has produced a range of marketing and training materials which can be downloaded from here. You can order bespoke marketing materials and arrange for representatives to present at local events like grand rounds and inductions by contacting BMJ directly through Sophieann O’Connell

Usage statistic for the first few months of Best Practice have been very encouraging and we look forward to your stories of impact to bring this data to life. If you have any questions or comments about Best Practice, please contact


National Statistics Return Infographics

Every year HEE’s Library Leads gather information from NHS funded Library and Knowledge Services in the regular statistics returns. This information is vital to many of our decisions, strategies, and actions but the data itself is often hidden from sight. This year we have developed a series of Infographics to share back with you some of the findings of the latest staffing and activity returns. We hope that you find these interesting and useful.

Please click on the links to download Infographics in PDF format


Sign up for the HEE Technology update: keeping you up to date in the 3 areas of the Topol Review

How librarians can support HCAs: Chalkley, Alan (2019). How libraries and librarians can help you. British Journal of Healthcare Assistants, 13(9), 427-428.

Guidance publications from the Royal Colleges and Health Professionals Bulletin - August 2019: List of recent guidance documents, reports and statements produced by the various Royal Colleges and other UK Professional Societies/ Associations/Councils. 

​Regional and Netowrk News

Health Care Libraries Unit - North (HCLU) Monthly Report: The HCLU monthly report for aim 5 on our implementation plan "Partnership Working is the Norm in Delivering Knowledge for Healthcare" is now available. This report covers the period March 2019 to August 2019.

Next Briefing

The next Knowledge Services Briefing: Development Opportunities and People News will be published on 15 October 2019. If you have anything you would like included please send to by Monday 7 October 2019

Previous Issues

Previous issues of the Knowledge Service Briefings are held on the Knowledge for Healthcare blog.

Knowledge Services Briefing: General Update - Issue 0003 - 1st October 2019