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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Business Story Telling for Impact and Influence


Enhance your persuasion and influencing skills by using workplace narrative techniques

At the end of the day people won’t remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel”.
Maya Angelou - novelist, poet, civil rights activist.


Background: One essential tool in the toolkit of really great influencers and persuaders is the ability to tell purposeful, workplace-adapted stories.

Whether it’s in meetings, supporting change within the team, within business cases, in presentations…….well-crafted, stripped-back, relevant stories affect us as listeners in a different way than pure facts and figures, hitting centres in our brains that are closely allied to decision-making. And what’s more, stories are ‘sticky’…..they stay with us and are remembered and re-told, long after we’ve forgotten those stats and data.

The neuroscience around the value and benefits of storytelling is clear - but how does the Library services professional utilise storytelling in a way that looks and feels natural, within the context of their working life? And what practical benefits could mastery of storytelling bring to your work?


Main Objective: To learn how to tell ‘business format’ stories that influence and persuade others. To craft and practise your own story, with support, guidance and feedback from peers and the event facilitator.


Key Learning Objectives

  1. To understand the neuroscience of story-telling: how it impacts the listener on a psychological and physiological level, compared with information delivered in other ways
  2. To review and critique example of great corporate/business storytelling – from Presidents, to business giants, to celebrity chefs!
  3. To understand the componentry and essential techniques of a powerful ‘business story’….What to take out. What to leave in. How and when stories are best used to deliver your message in a compelling way.
  4. To review a Library services business case opportunity together and collectively build the story that powerfully supports the case
  5. To consider your own local Library services example, developing and telling your own business story as a way of persuading others to agree to your proposals.

..but just to reassure you…..

There is no role-play involved in this event and no-one will have to get up and present in front of everyone if they don’t want to. That said it’s great when participants do share!


Target Audience: Heads of Service or senior Library services professionals

Pre-Work: Participants are required to have identified an example of a future or past initiative that they want (or wanted) to persuade others to support. The example should pertain to their own service.


Event Date: 4 February 2020 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Closing Date: Bookings closed

Category: National CPD Event

Trainer: Amanda Stearn

About the trainer:

Location: Manchester Conference Centre & The Pendulum Hotel