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Library Knowledge Services (North)


  • Two days in Dundee: the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum 2024
    20th May 2024
    I’ve been attending this annual event since I started my PhD researching health and care knowledge and library specialists’ role in knowledge mobilisation within and beyond their organisations. Unlike most of the conferences and training sessions that we attend as library professionals, the UK Knowledge Mobilisation Forum isn’t primarily targeted at librarians or indeed any particular professional group; it is aimed at anyone “with a passion for ensuring that knowledge makes a positive difference to society”. Our very own Susan Smith from the JET Library at Mid Cheshire Hospitals is on the organising committee though, so the profession is represented at the highest level! Typical attendees include students, practitioners, researchers, academics, policy makers and civil servants. It is always a very interactive event, providing a space for sharing knowledge, experiences and methods through such things as a knowledge fayre, storytelling, an ideas jam and interactive poster plenaries. read more...
  • Reflections on the online 'Value and impact in libraries' event
    13th May 2024
    Karen Hithersay offers her reflections on the recent online ‘Value and impact in libraries’ event on 24th April 2024. read more...
  • Librarian's untapped power: an ally on the path to publication
    8th May 2024
    An information specialist is part of the team carrying out an integrative review into serious incident investigations in community mental health settings, and writing it up for publication. read more...
  • NHS Library and Health Promotion Services: managing funding uncertainty
    8th May 2024
    How Bradford District Care NHS Trust faced funding challenges and won. read more...
  • Northern Soul collection at Lynfield Mount Hospital
    21st March 2024
    My name is Ethanual Crabtree, and I am a Graduate Trainee Librarian at Lynfield Mount Hospital in Bradford, West Yorkshire. My role in the library includes many responsibilities such as being on the front counter desk, being first point of call for staff on site, supporting the librarians, and being involved in the development of the Health Promotion resources. Within our Health Promotion collection there is a reminiscence section which is frequently used for older peoples’ services. This is looking to be updated currently as the generation of people changes and what they knew in their younger life is different. This can be from childhood to adult age and include objects such as toys, tv shows, music and even household items. Carl Challinor and I sat down and discussed what could be relevant to the North of England as well as something being a middle ground for age groups. Through many side-tracks we came out with Northern Soul! Find out more here. read more...
  • Health Information Week 2025 - Northern colleagues, we need your support!
    8th March 2024
    A call out from Dawn Grundy for new project team members to help support with changes made to Health Information Week. read more...
  • Never underestimate the power of a good cuppa, especially a randomised one.
    8th March 2024
    This blog post details our experience organizing a series of Randomised Coffee Trials within the Yorkshire (YOHHLNet) and Northern Health Libraries Networks highlighting the program's success in building bridges, facilitating knowledge exchange, and ultimately strengthening our network. read more...