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Library Knowledge Services (North)

YOHHLNet Awards

The YOHHLNet Awards were presented for the first time at our 2017 Christmas Study Day. The YOHHLNet committee encourages anyone from a YOHHLNet member organisation to nominate colleagues for an award. We hope to present these awards every year during the YOHHLNet Christmas Study Day.

Here you can find further information on how to nominate colleagues for a YOHHLNet award and the four different award categories.

Winning one of these awards provides an excellent opportunity to promote your library service, both in your own organisation and across the region, and helps to drive innovation and best practice in all of our services.

If you're looking for inspiration for your award nomination, see who previously won the 2019, 2018 and 2017 YOHHLNet Awards.

  • Nominations

When thinking about your nomination(s), you may consider both your own colleagues/teams and also colleagues/teams you have either worked with elsewhere, or are aware of what they do. Your nominee(s) just need to be a member of staff/team from any YOHHLNet member organisation.

The criteria for each of the four YOHHLNet awards are outlined below. When you complete your nomination(s) you are asked to say, in no more than 250 words, the reasons why you are making your nomination. In addition, as part of the nomination process we also ask you to list three words that describe your nominee(s). Submit your nomination(s) using the links provided below under each award category.

You may also wish to give consideration to the CILIP Code of Professional Practice when completing your nomination(s). This outlines the principles and values of how information professionals are expected to behave. We acknowledge that not all YOHHLNet members are members of CILIP, but these principles and values are relevant to all LKS staff in an ever changing health library sector.

  • Award Categories


Moments of Magic Award

This award is aimed at recognising colleagues who go above and beyond in providing a great service which makes a difference to those around them.

The nominee or nominated team will score more highly if you can evidence against one or more of the following how they:

  1. Have gone the “extra mile” to provide a great service to LKS service users.
  2. Have received positive praise/feedback from their colleagues or LKS service users for something that they have done which has made a significant difference.
  3. Represents a LKS service in a positive and enabling way.
  4. Are an individual or a team that works very hard and through that hard work and dedication, improvements have been introduced to the LKS service.



Leadership Award

This award aims to recognise excellent leadership skills at any level of seniority regardless of whether the nominee has a formal management role.

The nominee will score more highly if you can evidence against one or more of the following how they:

  1. Led their team, colleagues or peers to excellent performance or improved a service area significantly.
  2. Supported or engaged or enthused staff in the decision making process.
  3. Encouraged staff/colleagues to make suggestions for change, enabling improvements to be made.
  4. Have gone the "extra mile" as a peer supporter or mentor.



Innovation Award

This award recognises the investigation, adoption, evaluation, of new ways of doing things in LKS.

The nominee or nominated team will score more highly if you can evidence against one or more of the following how they:

  1. Identified a problem or opportunity for change leading to a new, innovative way of delivering an aspect of LKS services.
  2. Effectively researched, planned, implemented and evaluated the innovation.
  3. Effectively marketed and promoted the innovation, increasing awareness of the LKS service across the organisation.
  4. Ensured that the innovation contributed to the LKS service having a positive impact against the organisations objectives.
  5. Shared details of the innovation with LKS networks to spread good practice.




Engagement Award

This award recognises colleagues who are fully engaged with the organisation(s), network, or wider library community for which they provide services, and immerse themselves in the process of responding to these priorities and needs.

The nominee or nominated team will score more highly if you can evidence against one or more of the following how they:

  1. Have helped to deliver change and/or improvements within the organisation(s) they serve through the services that they have delivered.
  2. Have contributed significantly to the LKS service having had an impact against the organisation(s) objectives.
  3. Have demonstrated excellence in engagement and/or partnership working with other staff within own organisation or with staff or LKS staff from other organisations.
  4. Have received positive feedback form their LKS colleagues or from either internal or external customers.