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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Impact Case Study - Contributing to Women's Care

There is something very Victoria Wood about the words “pelvic floor” also known as, lower your voice for this bit, “women’s’ problems”, but it is great to be involved with a research project that is relevant to all women particularly those of a certain age.…

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Going the distance. Ten tips for getting from research idea to published paper

This is a reflection on the process of getting from research idea to published paper. I should say from the start that this isn’t a journey taken by an experienced research professional. There were a few potholes on the way, and I hit them all. The motivation for this enterprise? Of course, a thirst for knowledge, but primarily the Quality Improvement Outcome Framework Outcome Five. If you don’t know this is the one that requires our services to be evidence based and encourages research. As this reflection is focused on process, not content, I will explain the research idea here and then move on. The idea was to record audio feedback on research results and post a link to the audio in an eMail. The aim to make our communication with end users, who almost always contacted us via eMail, more informative and engaging. The project was rather unimaginatively called the Audio Feedback Project. So, in the tradition of the blog genre, here are 10 things I learned.…

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