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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Library staff working from home: opinions vary and lots to consider

Like most health libraries, and in line with government advice to work from home where possible, my service adopted some remote working during the first COVID-19 lockdown in April 2020. On the whole, we adapted well to working from home – we took issues with technology, pets or children in our stride, and remained very productive. However, following some recent staff changes we felt it was right to review our working patterns and explore what might work better in the future. At the end of February, we conducted a very basic email survey of library colleagues to gauge some views on what was happening elsewhere to help inform our working from home patterns moving forward.…

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Is Ranganathan still relevant?

If you have worked in information for any length of time you are likely to have encountered Ranganthan’s Laws. They have been described as, “for librarians… timeless objectives that put our profession’s goals in perspective” There has been an array of alternatives presented since their first appearance such as Gorman’s ‘Five New Laws of Librarianship’. However Ranganthan’s laws - although almost 90 years old - still resonate today. But how relevant are they to modern libraries – in particular to health libraries?…

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