Hello all, I’m Siobhan Linsey the new Knowledge and Library Service Lead at BoltonFT.


I feel a little like a GSCE Geography case study at the moment as I’m migrating from the south west to the north west, but I am happy with that.

Push factor: offspring flying the nest (job done)
Pull factor: the warmth and culture of the north, plus the amazing collaborative experiences and other interactions I’ve had with LKS colleagues in this part of the country.

I actually joined #TeamBolton back in April and missed the boat for the last issue, but it’s great to be able to properly introduce myself now.

Moving during a Pandemic has been an interesting challenge. The agile working flexibility married with the support of Kelly and Sandra in my team has meant commuting back to Somerset every few weeks was achievable.

In fact, (we librarians love facts don’t we), the warmth, support, and teamwork I’ve experienced from library staff in other trusts, HEE, and Bolton colleagues so far has reassured me that the move up north is a really good fit for me.

I’m really looking forward to meeting you all in time, and working on various work-streams such as Health Literacy which is a particular professional passion of mine. In the meantime get in touch if you like:

Siobhan.Linsey@Boltonft.nhs.uk @slaintesiobhan

Siobhan Linsey
Knowledge and Library Service Lead
Bolton NHS FT