A LKS managers meeting took place on Manchester on the 12 March at The Studio. The programme and, where they are available, the presentations from the event are below.


Introduction and Welcome
David Stewart, Director of Health LKS North


Regional Update (including update on new Quality and Improvement Outcomes)
David Stewart, Director of Health LKS North


Knowledge for Healthcare: What should we carry on doing? What is missing? What needs to stop?
David Stewart, Director of Health LKS North


Statistics Toolbox update
Link to the Toolbox
Heather Steele, LKS Lead, Leeds and York Partnership NHS FT


Influencing for evidence-based patient information
If you would like a copy of the animation then please contact Emily Hopkins
Victoria Treadway, Knowledge Management Facilitator, NHS RightCare
Emily Hopkins, Knowledge Management Programme Manager, HEE


Northern Lights
Andrew Craig, Northern Newsletter Editor


Knowledge Café – Attracting the LKS workforce of the future (job adverts)
Vicky Bramwell, Library Service Manager, Cheshire and Wirral Partnership NHS FT
Laura Jeffreys, Knowledge Specialist, Pennine Care NHS FT


Closing Remarks
David Stewart, Director of Health LKS North


Things people are going to do as a result of attending the meeting include:

"Build on the work we have done with PPI and emphasise evidence based information"

"Working on using stats toolkit as we speak!"

"Change job adverts to what we can do for them (have written one today based on Rachel Cooke's example)"

"Nothing at the moment but as details of the new quality outcomes become available, things may need to change"

"Encourage staff to get involved with Northern Lights"