Since May 2021, those interested in poetry have been sharing their thoughts via an LKS North Poetry Group. We meet for one hour each month (MS Teams) to discuss our ideas about ‘any and all matters poetic’. Each session involves a reading (purely voluntary), and we have listened to some great readings of work by Philip Larkin, Andrew Marvel and Stevie Smith. There is also a themed poet for each session: recently we focused on Persian poet Rumi (13th century) – arguably the most popular poet in the world today; another session focused on the fabulous musicality of Punjabi poet Bulleh Shah (yes, in Punjabi!). The group is open to all NHS library staff and no prior knowledge or writing experience is required. In fact, if you don’t like poetry, that’s a great reason to join the group and explain why its not for you. However, I believe that poetry can be a great way to de-stress, to share ideas, to find a different perspective…or just have a laugh. It gives us new ways to think about language. Poetry shouldn’t be a guilty secret. If you like it, be proud of it.

Anyone interested in joining the group should contact

Carl Challinor
Resources Officer
Library & Health Promotion Resources
Bradford District Care NHS Foundation Trust