Hello, my name is Lucy and I have joined the York and Scarborough Hospital Library as a Senior Library Assistant. Although I technically started the role in January, I managed to fall over on the walk back from work on my first day (while in search of a chocolate bar). After a broken ankle, surgery and what has felt like a long recovery process, I have finally started back with the team at York Hospital. Thankfully, the department has been very kind and patient with me, but I have warned everyone off being tempted by a white chocolate Lion Bar from the local Co-op: it’s not worth it, I promise!

I have recently completed an MA in Medieval Literatures and Languages at the University of York and so I have experience as a user of libraries. Through my studies I have developed a passion for making library resources easily accessible for everyone both in and out of education; I look forward to applying this passion to the medical field. As part of my role as Senior Library Assistant, I have the opportunity to complete another MA, this time in Library and Information Services Management. I will be starting the long-distance, part-time course at the University of Sheffield in September. Until then I am looking forward to learning how to navigate the hospital library systems, driving to Scarborough Hospital once a week to work with the team there, and being part of this supportive, helpful and friendly department.


Lucy Dixon
York and Scarborough Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust