Hello everyone, I have returned to the North!

My name is Linda Kalinda, and I'm an enthusiastic believer in improving the world through Knowledge, and hold closely the notion of continual learning throughout life. Inherently underpinning these beliefs is the concept of knowledge sharing which I fully endorse and hope to achieve through our networks.

I studied at Loughborough University, followed by many years’ experience in different sectors including higher education; School Libraries, and Academic Libraries. I found my home in the diversity of Health Libraries.

Following postgraduate studies at UCL, I became enthused about technology, systems and databases. It was the HEE/CILIP Leadership course that excited me about advocating for information professionals as being business critical to our organisations.

I have joined Blackpool Teaching Hospital’s amazing team. In the first two weeks, I had an induction program all set to meet the various teams in the trust. I now happily have a long list of actions, presentations and collaborations. Anyone who knows me, will tell you I enjoy a fast pace, so I am in very good company. I look forward to sharing ideas, meeting virtually or chatting with everyone in the New Year.