Hello all, my name is Ruth and I started in June as Assistant Librarian at Sheffield Children's NHS Foundation Trust. I am one of a team of three and am excited about getting to grips with the world of Health Libraries, as all my previous experience has been in academic librarianship. However, this is not my first NHS job; I have in the past temped in the NHS, including three months as a GP receptionist. That was an eye-opener.

I have joined Sheffield Children's at an interesting time: our physical library is closed until early 2024 while a helipad is built on the roof of the main hospital building. We are currently housed elsewhere in the Trust, so my dream of returning to a physical library is on hold for the moment. With such a small team, I shall be doing a bit of everything, including working on the LMS migration from Heritage Cirqa to Koha. I anticipate that my role will include a lot of literature searching and knowledge management – as you can see, I am thrilled by all ways of accessing information, both new and old-school. This is me in upstate New York, getting a copy of the Rome Daily Sentinel in exchange for my one dollar.