We have had jigsaws and mindfulness colouring, in the Library for a while now. They have encouraged people from different staff groups, like nurses, consultants and porters, to visit the Library and get involved. It has encouraged them to communicate with each other in a more informal way than they usually would. Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we have had to put them away, but are looking forward to being able to put them out again.


Sarah, the Library Assistant has remained on site throughout the pandemic, although the physical Library was closed we continued to supply all of our services apart from book loans. Sarah also assisted other departments by manning their phone lines and passing on messages as the teams were working from home.


Library Notice Board

Sarah updated our notice board to allow anyone to populate it with quizzes, memes etc. This was well received and provided light relief from the current situation


New Equipment

The Trust’s project to update all computers to Windows 10 included the Library receiving much needed new laptops and enabled me to work from home during the pandemic.


Trust Projects

During the last year we have been involved with a number of Trust projects.

  • Following the first roll out of Clinical Skills.net, which didn’t go very well, an implementation group was set up and I was involved in creating new question banks and local assessments, ready for the second roll out, which was much more targeted. I also ensured new and existing staff had the login access that they needed. Creating new local assessments has been an ongoing task and has involved me talking to staff from lots of different departments.
  • At the beginning of last year the Trust decided to revamp the intranet sites, we have two at the moment! A general one and one for all people services related information such as; HR functions, training, policies, forms and guidance. I was involved with mapping data across and testing prior to launch, and communicating with a variety of departments to get their feedback and to ensure that their pages were where they were meant to be.
  • I have also been helping to give the Learning and Development Prospectus a facelift, as it was a very long, hard to follow document. I have reordered it and colour coded the different sections.


The Future

There are big changes a foot, so watch this space!!


Tracy Owen
Knowledge & Library Services Manager
North West Boroughs Healthcare NHS FT