Organising accommodation bookings for the hospital, coordinating, and distributing donations, operating a COVID-19 hotline, screening staff and patients on arrival to protect those at high risk, fit mask testing, working in the Nightingale hospital, or supporting staff welfare efforts managing bids to improve staff spaces were some of the roles our library and knowledge service (LKS) colleagues from across the North took on in 2020. 


Towards the end of the year Clare Payne, Katie Nicholas and Gil Young conducted interviews with some of these colleagues which have resulted in two blog posts for Northern Lights. The first post focuses on colleagues’ reflections about their experiences and the second on the advice those who were redeployed would give to others who find themselves in a similar situation.


Clare, Katie, and Gil would like to take this opportunity to thank those whose experiences have formed the basis of these articles. All three learnt a lot from conducting the interviews and are very grateful to our colleagues for sharing their reflections and advice. Thank you all 😊


Katie Nicholas
Knowledge Specialist
Health Education England

Clare Payne
Knowledge & Evidence Service Manager
Warrington and Halton Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Gil Young
NHS LKS Development Manager
Health Education England