Hello, I'm Lindsay Wallace, the new Library and Knowledge Services Manager at Northern Care Alliance.  I was asked to introduce myself to colleagues, so here goes. 

My background, way back when, was Chartered Psychologist (occupational).  While working at Hopwood Hall College, I moved into Libraries when they needed a project manager to look after moving one of their libraries to a different building. I was asked to take over and become Learning Resources Manager where the team taught me how to be a librarian. I followed up the practical training with a PG Cert in Information Science from City University.  I've worked in several college roles since then, had a short spell as a prison librarian with HMP Forest Bank in Salford, before becoming head of service at The Manchester College & UCEN Manchester.  The timing of my redundancy from there was interesting coming a couple of months before Covid 19 and lockdown, but fortunately I was able to move sectors and become Health Library Manager at Keele University based at Royal Stoke University Hospital.  Again, I was reliant on the team to teach me the Health aspects of the job - an ongoing project as I work towards my second Chartership this time as a librarian. Commuting from Bolton to Stoke became increasingly challenging (mainly because of our beloved M61/M60/M62 combination) so I’m delighted to join NCA and work with Sue Steele as co-managers of the Service not least because I now travel 6 miles from home in south Bolton rather than over 50 to Stoke. 

Lindsay Wallace
Library & Knowledge Services Manager
Library & Knowledge Services
Northern Care Alliance NHS Foundation Trust