I took part in the Springboard women’s development programme which consisted of 8 free workshops that was delivered virtually over the period of four months - from February to May 2021. The workshop was for two half days in a month, and the objectives of the programme were;

• To take clear practical realistic steps to take more control over your life.
• To find out what you value.
• To make decisions and take action based on your core values.

To achieve the objectives, we used a workbook that has fourteen chapters, working in groups in the workshops and having a home group. Each home group had a name; mine was ‘Flourish Warriors’.

During each workshop, we had a variety of sessions with the trainer Paula Gladwell and guest speakers who talked about their self-growth having attended the programme. We were often put in breakout rooms where I worked mainly with my home group consisting of 4 people (with whom I now keep in touch). Sometimes we worked in pairs or threes to get to know other people on the programme. This really helped us to achieve our objectives. I met with my home group four times in the evenings via Zoom and communicate with WhatsApp group where we catch-up. Flourish Warriors have been helpful as we listen to each other through sharing ideas, stories and tap into each other skills.

My time with the workshop group and home group has been very beneficial I have gotten quite a lot from our time together. A number of things really stood out for me; the opportunity of meeting people from different organisations and job roles, everyone has a story and want to develop themselves, that I am not alone and the willingness to be open to try new things.

My aim for attending the programme was to look at what opportunities for self-development I can achieve for myself. There are a number of things that I would like to do in order to keep myself going.
• To look after myself, my health, my family and to have a positive outlook on life
• To keep showing act of kindness (hospitality) - Volunteering - through charity work, church activities and foodbank
• To follow my dreams and have the encouragement to take it up.
• To have confidence in my own ability to improve my self-low esteem.
• To take up new opportunities at work to keep me motivated and energized - To have the opportunity to go above my current role - I would like to change my role, job and pay structure - It will give me an incentive that I can move on and not to be stuck in a comfortable rut.

I believe the programme has provided the confidence I need to enable me choose what I want from my life and how to make it happen.

Nkem Uwaezuoke
Leeds and York Partnership NHS Foundation Trust