My name is Su Keill and I have replaced Jackie Pearce as the new Library & Knowledge Service Lead at Wirral University teaching Hospital NHSFT.

I spent the last 7 years in Dorset working for University Hospitals Dorset and Dorset Healthcare library team, working my way upwards before moving back to the NW. (I went to University in Liverpool).

People that have worked with me would say I am very passionate about the library world and take people on an adventure as we navigate the NHS. My last role was a 2 year pilot as an Embedded Knowledge Specialist. I helped to create and facilitate a lot of journal clubs, attend MDTs, and provide a lot of vital summarised & synthesised evidence to bolster business cases.

I know a few people here in the NW, but if anyone would like to have a virtual meet, please do feel free to drop me a line: su.keill@nhs.net

Su Keill
Library and Knowledge Services Lead
McArdle Library
Education Centre
Wirral University teaching Hospital NHSFT.