The Library and Information Services moved sideward in the Trust. We left direct line management by Medical Development to Research and Development we are still in the Medical Development and Staffing Directorate.

Our old Chief Executive Colin Martin retired in March 2020 and was replaced by Brent Kilmurray.

Naomi Hay Gibson left TEWV library service after 5 years of service in February 2020.

The library service undertook a service evaluation with the University of York, looking at Evidence Access Evaluation, which is helping us deliver effective literature and evidence services.

Books at Lunch Time launched in the summer of 2019. The idea was take the library out into the staff offices at Roseberry Park. Working with our volunteer services we have two volunteers who took the trolley out several times a week at different days (laid up with fiction and work related texts and goodies)

TEWV LIS has supported two work placements from Project Choice(a programme that helps young adults gain work experience and improve employability and independence skills.) Thomas and Jack worked with the library staff at Roseberry Park hospital to develop their workplace confidence and employability skills. Both Thomas and Jack where a wiz with computers and loved designing new book posters etc. to support the BLT volunteers.




Outreach – was a busy year of attending various internal conferences, and the external Royal College of Psychiatry – were the library service was mentioned in the work that one of our governors has been undertaking on Autism and Catonia on the Expert Advisory Group for the Care Commission.

Due to COVID 19 all TEWV library service closed its physical space to users. The service continue to answer emails and calls. The library staff continued to call into branches to supply books and articles.

Like most of the North East NHS Libraries we migrated from OCLC OLIB to OCLC WMS in July.

TEWV has seen an increase in work in literature searches and article supply.

2019/20 March – October

  • Literature searches 296
  • Articles 353

2020/21 March – October

  • Literature Searches 346
  • Articles 1572

The library staff have been part of the Covid forecasting group looking at the potential of COVID on mental health.

All library training went online via Teams and Zoom.

TEWV services are looking at ‘building back better’ to help us to plan our future ways of working, across the whole geography and all services. (We are claiming copyright on this as we had been the Trust motto before Boris and Biden started using this)

To help minimise contact with users TEWV is investing in e-resources – through Kortext and Browns Books for Students

Samantha Gavaghan
Library and Information Operational Services Manager
Tees Esk and Wear Valleys NHS Foundation Trust