As chair of the Northern Lights Editorial Group, I am happy to provide this short introduction to the Northern Lights Survey Report 2021 on behalf of the group. Last June, we sent out a survey to all knowledge and library staff working in health libraries in the North of England. After two years (11 issues) since its launch in 2019, we felt it was time to assess how we were doing. We wanted to understand what we have achieved and to find out how we can improve going forward. Last month we sent out the Northern Lights Survey Report 2021 to all members of the Northern Mailing List. The report discusses the survey results and highlights how we intend to improve Northern Lights based on your suggestions. For those who have not had a chance to read it, you can find the full report here. We were heartened by some of your comments while recognising that there is still work to do. This report is the first step towards improving Northern Lights as a platform for health library staff to share their knowledge and experience across the North of England.
Andrew Craig
Chair of the Northern Lights Editorial Group
Lancashire Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust