In partnership with Bolton University and Bolton College, the Bolton College of Medical Sciences (working title) will offer different routes into healthcare education in order to home-grow the current and future healthcare workforce.  The college will accommodate up to 3,000 students a year, with around 1,000 apprentices in a range of health and social care roles.

Bolton College of Medical Sciences

Approved early in 2019 with funding secured for a build which will take no more than two years, the project will see the development of part of the Royal Bolton Hospital site where several Victorian buildings still stand.  The initial start date for building work was November 2019 but this has been revised to January 2020.

Meetings involving the architects and senior managers from the partnership have been taking place regularly, with the focus now moving from design concepts to operational issues.  Library staff from each of the services will also be meeting regularly to consider how three library services can work together in the new space allocated on the first floor.

What we’re looking forward to:

  • The new multi-storey car park (but see below also!)
  • Having a modern, state of the art centre for education, learning and research
  • The café
  • Flexible working
  • The outdoor recreational space with planting, benches and cycle parking

What we’re not looking forward to:

  • The disruption the building work will cause, not least because a large car park will be lost

Paula Elliott, Sandra Johnson and Kelly Doolan

Bolton NHS FT