Welcome to the new northern library knowledge service blog. This will be the home for the soon to be launched Northern Lights newsletter, for event write ups and for articles about all things Northern LKS related.    


Northern Lights is a publication for the whole of the North and the editorial group are looking for contributions from staff at all levels. An article in Northern Lights can be used as evidence of professional development and, upon request, a certificate is available to those who contribute an article. If you would like to contribute to the newsletter then please send your articles to northernlights@lksnorth.nhs.uk


If you want to access any articles from LIHNNK Up, which Northern Lights is replacing, they are all available in the LIHNNK-up archive.


In addition to newsletter articles the blog will become the home for content which was previously published on the Clinical Librarians blog. You can still access the blog but we will no longer be adding new posts to the site.


Looking forward to hearing from you and reading all your contributions.


Gil Young
NHS LKS Development Manager – North West
Health Education England