The Greater Manchester Health Library Partnership event took place in Manchester on the 14 May 2019. Presentations from the event, where available, are below and there is a list of useful links at the bottom of the post.



Introduction and Welcome
David Stewart – Director of Health LKS North and CILIP President


What is the Universal Health Offer?
Julie Oldham MBE, Head of Library and Museum Services, Bolton Public Libraries


Objectives of Public Health England and relevance to public libraries
Rachel Gledhill, Knowledge & Evidence Specialist, Public Health England


Role of NHS libraries and how they work/could work with public libraries – the Bolton Health Information Partnership (BHIP) experience
Paula Elliot, Library Services Manager, Bolton NHS FT


Making the case: evidence based patient information
Victoria Treadway, Knowledge Management Facilitator, NHS RightCare
Emily Hopkins, Knowledge Management Programme Manager, Health Education England


Health Literacy Workshop
Joanne Naughton, NHS LKS Development Manager – North East, Health Education England


Where do we go from here?
Amanda Stevens, Library, Museum and Information Services Team Leader, Bolton Public Libraries
Victoria Treadway, Knowledge Management Facilitator, NHS RightCare
Gil Young, NHS LKS Development Manager – North West, Health Education England

This session was based on an Espresso Knowledge café. The participants were asked 6 questions as follows

1. What are the barriers to us working more closely together?


2. How do we overcome the barriers to us working more closely together?


3. What skills and knowledge do we need to work together?


4. How do we develop the skills and knowledge we need to work together?


5. What activities/events are you aware of that have worked well within your service/other services?


6. What activities/events would you like to develop with other services around this topic?


The main themes identified from the discussions were:

Barriers - the main challenge is the constant change in structures/people. This can be overcome by structured face-to-face meetings and agreed actions based on shared priorities.

Skills and Knowledge - we need communication/networking/marketing skills. We develop these through sharing practice and experience and shadowing each other

Activities and Events - We need a shared health partnership post to lead and bring things together. Possible funding could come from the Arts Council and/or Health Education England. We need to think about how it would work and making it sustainable? Maybe a graduate trainee post in the first instance? Link it to the health literacy/social prescribing agendas. To keep this agenda moving we need regular meetings between public, health third sector and academic libraries plus other interested/relevant parties. 


Closing remarks and next steps
David Stewart – Director of Health LKS North and CILIP President


What Attendees Said About the Programme

"Useful for a catch up on NHS Library strategies and work, and an introduction to some in local and national Public Libraries on health - simply the chance to talk to some of our local colleagues as well where the day job/time constraints doesn't usually allow us to!"

"The event had a nice, relaxed atmosphere which was nice. It was also nice seeing some familiar faces and many new faces"

"Fantastic programme. Really enjoyed the day and all the speakers were excellent"


What Attendees Said They Will do Differently After Attending the Event

"Try to establish cross-sector connections, or to at least not see cross-sector working as a barrier"

"Think about health literacy-we have the information for people but we need to ensure they are able to access this in the way they need to"

"We had already started a collaboration with some local Public Libraries, but will try and include the wider context areas of health literacy/evidence based patient information in ongoing plans"

"Lots- already speaking with contacts within Public Libraries, I've already contact speakers to discuss further opportunities to work together and I'm arranging meetings between GM Health groups and GM Libraries Connected groups"


Useful Links

Bolton Heath Information Partnership (B-HIP)

Campaign to End Loneliness

Does health literacy matter?

Doncaster and Bassetlaw Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: Patient Health Information

It's Okay to Ask!

Knowledge for Healthcare: a development framework

Knowledge for Healthcare: patient and public information

Knowledge for Healthcare: patient and public information - resources including Guidance on Developing Local Partnerships and Networks and Draft Memorandum of Understanding

A Million Decisions


Patient Information Forum

Public Health England: Support for Local Authority Public Health Teams

Reading Well

The Topol Review: Preparing the healthcare workforce to deliver the digital future

Universal Offers: Health

Gil Young
NHS LKS Development Manager
Updated 29 May 2019