The LIHNN/HCLU Briefing, including the LIHNN AGM, took place at The Park Royal, Warrington on 9 July 2019. The presentations from the event, where available, are below.

Nancy Kline Round and Shared Developments (updated 18 July 2019) - Vicky Bramwell and Kieron Lamb

Northern Lights - Andrew Craig

LIHNN AGM - Kieron Lamb

It’s Great Up North - LIHNN Winners

Knowledge for Healthcare update - David Stewart

Updated 18 July 2019

Individuals were asked to feedback what they would do differently as a result of attending this event. Here are some of their responses.

"Trying to improve Library assistant engagement with the network"

"Proactively targeting more individual departments"

"Encourage our Library Assistant to attend training. Informally talked to colleagues about KM opportunities with apprentices so have taken that to our apprenticeship lead and got advice from another colleague about re-organising our shared drive."

"Encourage Northern Lights submissions"

"Already started work on Quality framework / contacted Board about services and setting up program for digital libraries week"

"Will definitely implement a more positive start to meetings using a technique like the NK round."

"Consider innovations"

"Watch the Virtual Reality webinar from the Emerging Technologies Group to learn more about it"