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Library Knowledge Services (North)



LIHNN is a network of health libraries and information services in the North West of England.

Membership is open to all persons and organisations professionally concerned with health services libraries in the North West. Personal membership is also available to former LIHNN members who have retired or left the network. 

LIHNN consists of the LIHNN Coordinating Committee which manages the work of LIHNN and a mix of:

Benefits of LIHNN: The LIHNN Coordinating Committee have put together a short, easy to read document which outlines how LIHNN membership helps to support one’s organisation, the LKS team and the individual.

See LIHNN Groups for further information.


Personal membership for former LIHNN members

Have you moved on or retired from health libraries but miss keeping in touch with colleagues? Do you enjoy keeping in touch with developments in the sector? We offer former members the option of staying on the LIHNN JISCmail list (free of charge) and/or the option of remaining a full member (subject to payment of a membership fee).  Being a full member will enable you to participate in our social events and keep your training and skills up to date.

Annual Individual membership: £10 (April - March).  Please contact: 

To remain on the LIHNN List, please contact:   


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