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Library Knowledge Services (North)

Mental Health Libraries

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Purpose: The overall aim of the group is to provide leadership and co-ordination in the development of mental health and learning disabilities information/knowledge, in support of evidence based practice, lifelong learning and patient care in the North West.

  • The group’s core membership is librarians, information specialists and knowledge managers in the North West who have an interest in mental health.
  • The group is accountable to the LIHNN Committee.
  • The group’s core membership meets at quarterly face-to-face meetings.
  • The group also works closely with other mental health Trusts across the North of England, meeting annually for a collaborative working day.

Role: The role of the group is to:

  • Provide leadership and advice in the development of mental health and learning disabilities knowledge and information.
  • Provide peer support for the core members.
  • Promote collaboration, reduce duplication and enhance local capacity:
    • Share expertise and knowledge, including information on resources, when appropriate.
    • Review and identify other information/knowledge initiatives that can support the development of our work.
    • Connect within and across organisational / geographic boundaries:
    • To raise awareness of mental health and learning disabilities
    • To support new initiatives across the region
    • To encourage the growth of knowledge and evidence in mental health and learning disabilities.
    • Connect with and sustain links between national, regional and local policy priorities.
    • Generate opportunities across the NW for learning and exchange:
    • To provide practical help and support to others.
    • Share information about what works.
    • Explore new opportunities for librarians and information specialists roles.
    • Raise awareness of the group’s work with key internal and external stakeholders, including:
      • Organisations such as Mental Health Trusts
      • Practitioners and other networks / groups with a remit of information and


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